The Gallery has become a staple for art lovers in our community. As a gift from The Smith, Davidson County artists display their art, during formal exhibitions, which “draws” in many local artists and art lovers. You can attend any of these premieres during one of our very fun Gallery Opening Exhibits – it is a wonderful experience for everyone involved, and a pleasure to keep the arts alive.

The Gallery is open during public events and can also be viewed by scheduling a visit.

We strive to give the audiences at The Smith a diverse range of art and artists, with our goal being to bring in four different galleries a year. Past Galleries have included: Bob Timberlake, Kris Saintsing, Dana Holliday, Daniel Amick and more!

We ask that when you are in the venue, you respect the artists and their work:

Please DO NOT touch or remove the art.

To schedule a tour, or for purchasing inquiries  please call 336.249.7875 or email us at 


Thank you, from The Smith!